Nandi on the Hill: Savandurga

Bangalore is surrounded with weekend getaways for one and all. This comes as a relief for computer-staring, white-collar, IT folks who have migrated here from around the country and make a bunch of the city's populace. One such site is that of Savandurga, located 60 kms from Bangalore and makes for a hell of a trekking experience (was the toughest for me till date).

Me and a couple of friends set out from Bangalore on bikes late morning (couple of Avengers).

We had a really smooth and scenic ride on the Bangalore-Mysore road. Later on we struggled to find the State Highway 3 and had to constantly consult the GPS.

We never were able to actually find the road however.

Riding from village to village we did finally reach the site. Savandurga turned out to be a huge rock and actually looked quite intimidating from the bottom. And it actually was. . .

. . . smooth and highly inclined, it made us crawl on all four many times. . . and it seemed like the hill top did not actually exist. Every flat succeeded by a another slope made the climb seem like an eternity. We also learned that bare feet have better grip than canvas shoes in such situations.

Two hours of lots of team work and a couple of pit stops later, we reached the top to find a small Nandi Temple.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Our return journey was a breeze, quite literally as our knees were trembling and we choose to run downhill rather than walk. 

The trip back home was similar to the one in  the morning, fraught with  GPS issues, rural excursions and near collisions. Overall, it was an extremely satisfying day.

It turns out that Savandurga is quite popular for adventure seekers in the area. This place is must visit for the causal trekker.
. . .


  1. wow....such a huge hill and such a lovely view from the top!!!!

  2. Yup... the climb was worth it...

  3. We love this place very much .... Our First trek .....

    1. mine too! .. around Bangalore it was the first