Entropy: Life of Mojo

It started as a facebook status and turned in to a rap battle. Several sources gave in awesome impromptu inputs and we had a poem with a theme et .al.. 
Presenting the Poets of the Wall: Kartik, Mojo, DG, Tinku and Rohu.

A rage and a wrath with a searing light
The mind turns dark and the heart burns white
The soul frets intensely for sense and reason
But were it wiser, it would break for freedom

Having said that Kartik said ' let me break free
Like the yellowed leaf falls off deciduous tree
Of the great Mojo, guidance I must seek
Where is he ?
Can he be found ?
I cannot think, my mind infinitely weak
If you ever find him, tell me where to go
before I am chained again and bound to the worldly flow
say nothing against him, that would be treason
he is to show me the way to divine sense and reason

And I finally found him, he was holding an axe
Greasy hair, yellow teeth and his eyes were like sacks
He passes me a joint, said "smoke up on this,"
"sit down, chill, I will show you the way to bliss" 

He will tell you about the doorway to heaven
And will explain you to be cautious while you travel
As you may find the dangerous creature on the way
To whom he,the great Mojo, himself has fallen prey

FYI: Mojo was actually bitten by a dog once.
Okay I have serious doubts about that
how could I have fallen prey,
if I am here writing what I am writing
on Kartik's facebook wall today?

Agreed, the creature came down as Mojo's bane,
But alas, it caused the beast the greater pain.
Our guru here thought he was still happy and merry,
Perhaps he has not yet realized, that he has gone crazy.

Contradiction is thy bane
Kartik....am I the one who is insane?
With me having inflicted the greater pain
the beast still gets to be the bane!!!!
I am happy and merry too
more so with a bottle of beer or two
but crazy? no no!
I'm far from that, the master of sanity
I'm very humble too, not saying out of vanity

Its amazing how these battles unfold,
There are only victims, no one takes the gold.
the beast left toothless and mojo left insane,
its a moot point to argue who was who's bane.
It seems he what he lost there was more than his mind,
he also lost his identity, and left his memory behind.
he claims he came face to face with Hades,
And as proof, he shows the shots he got for rabies... 

two chilled bottles and toke a flight
Mojo seems so happy he gives a fright
Tears behind the happy merry mask
often escape the sight
Those who weep in insanity
often are the Masters of humble sanity
so knows the quixotic knight 

At this point, Rohu, a seasoned poet, was invited to join . . .

After the ides of March shalt pass my friend..
this warrior will not spare ant battle..

Oh, the dilemma when a hero joins the fray,
do you fort the bastions or do you prepare the way...

It seems that when I was away for a little while,
they wrote and wrote in order to defile,
the truth that must not be veiled with any falsity,
that Mojo is indeed the epitome of sanity
I retain my memory, identity, and mind
Kartik your apalling distortions you must rescind,
Tinku's words are deep, so deep are they
his thoughts took his mind quite astray
His mind wanders, answers still not found
I wonder if his mind would ever be homeward bound
Kartik, let me answer the question you have chosen to ask
it is no dilemma but an easy task
but I think it is best to leave your quandary with you
do solve it without creating much hullabaloo

There you go again Mojo my friend,
Standing your ground till the very end.
But your tall claim is a paradox you see,
"archetypically normal" what is that supposed to be?

And even if you say you are sane and sound,
your actions are contrary, words don't hold any ground

You are in denial, don't fight this and don't sob,
actually being normal and sensible just makes you a slob,
Be glad we don't think of you as a mundane swab,
Accept it, you are one of us, join our psycho mob!!

Hullabaloo Hulabaloo tch tch YaY Yay
undercurrent of negativity all the way
Beep Beep Deep Sleep Hick Hick
Is calling this a mob a petty trick
Clap slap ching ming curd turd
crowd of black sheep is still a herd!

I can't match your profound expertise...
can you repeat that in English please?     
-- potw
. . .

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